Business Efficiency Analysis

We can support your organization’s core business through research, business analysis, and recommendation of new business development initiatives. 

A business consultant can take evaluate and analyzes all current processes and make recommendations for changes that will help you reduce costs or friction.

One example of an unexpected business strategy we have recommended is to  determine if any part of your business is costing you money and ‘firing your clients’, getting that money losing operation out from under your roof and also possibly resulting in revenues from referring those clients elsewhere!

Business Viability Evaluation

Not all business concepts are created equal! 

It is important to carefully examine each idea BEFORE you start spending real money and time on business development. 

Through a preliminary market and competitive analysis, a business consultant can determine if you are about to spend large amounts of capital – or worse – large amounts of your time, on a venture that is destined to fail, flounder or simply give results that you were not expecting without a business strategy.

Expansion Assessment

  So……. business is going great! It is time to open another location, right? 


–> Not all expansion taps into the benefit of economies of scale; 

–> Not everyone has the ideal temperament to be an absentee owner/manager; 

–> Not every business works in every location! 

We can’t make the decisions for you, but we can create a business development report that will ask the questions that can help you assess risks BEFORE you spend your money and time! 

ECommerce Consultancy

We can provide you with tools and advice on setting up your eCommerce organizational structure to succeed. We address eCommerce marketing, technology, and operations as well as keeping track of builds and software to ensure projects are completed without error and to give you the best possible returns.

Business Process Analysis

We work to capture and describe your business processes so that others can understand how they work, who is involved, and how activities flow from beginning to end. this allows your to improve on the efficiency of these process to save money and create more revenues and profits.

Technology Consulting

We can work with you and make recommendations for both off the shelf and custom created software solutions that improve your business performance. We can help you identify the solution as well as plan the adoption, development and integration of advanced technology into your business.