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Mr BizDev gives you the benefit of your own affordable and convenient Freelance Business Development Manager


“Which Way To The Top?”

When a company is starting a new strategy, it needs to understand how existing operations and sales may be affected. Tracking the changes that have been implemented and their effects on revenues and process helps management  fine tune towards the desired goal


“We Can Double Sales If…”

A Business Development Manager helps companies calculate where there are opportunities for growth, identify partnership candidates and competitors to buy.

This aids in the development of strategies that create corporate growth.


Easier, Faster, Better…”

A Business Development consultant can give Management an edge on understanding their own company; its internal processes and procedures and broken accountability or procedure.  This “view from the outside” helps to streamline processes, eliminate waste, and clarify goals.

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With more than 25 years of Experience working on diverse projects ranging from Software and Applications Development to building and operating Online Banks to Monetizing Rainforests through carbon credits, Mr. BizDev has the business development experience you need in your corner.

International Perspective

Even when a business is local, here in Calgary, Alberta or anywhere in Canada an international perspective can help to ascertain the best path for development. 

Mr. BizDev’s business consultants have developed businesses in Canada, USA, Central America, South America and Europe.  

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Your Own Business Development Manager Can Do 

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Business Development Managers have traditionally been out of the reach of smaller companies

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